Lost work: copied and altered files unintentionally syncing with the originals.


I’m fairly new to the iOS app and love working on it. I work exclusively on iOS.

This afternoon I’ve begun work to find I’ve lost two days work. My project accurately states the day and time when I last synced with Dropbox and I had no ‘conflicts’ or problems with that last sync. The same version has synced on my iPad and iPhone.

I had copied some files a couple of weeks ago into a new folder to work on them, leaving the originals intact.

But my latest work has disappeared, and strangely the original and copied files are identical, i.e. previous edits in the copied files (before this latest work was lost) have morphed unintentionally into the originals.

So I would be grateful for information please:

  1. Is this because I deleted the ‘-1’ from the new file name, meaning they have the same name and therefore the sync is going to make them identical?

  2. Is there anywhere my last two days of work can be retrieved from?

Thanks for any help.