Lost work

Hi Friends,

Awhile ago I downloaded the Scrivener app, but found that I was unable to keep from losing work from conflicting syncs, so I deleted it. I’m finding that I still have pages turn up blank from time to time, where the title shows up but the content is gone. Do you know the easiest way to recover these pages?


It’s very unusual that a sync program would fully delete conflicted text. What is more likely is that it has renamed the parts you were working on, and in doing so Scrivener can no longer find the file you are expecting it to load.

You can think of it like this: if you have a .docx file and you accidentally edit it in two different locations, stuff like Dropbox will take one of the files and call it “original name (conflicted copy blah blah).docx”. If you then instructed Word to load “original name.docx” and that was the older version, it would have the appearance Word having lost your text, but really it’s just blindly loading what it was asked to load. You’d need to go to your documents folder and figure out which one is the latest and use that, discarding the older one and renaming it before you can use “original name.docx” again. With Scrivener that problem is less visible because it is software—it can’t know that “conflicted copy blah blah” is the better one, and so it blindly loads the old one.

We have some tips in an article here that might help you find those and get things renamed properly so that the software can load them again.