Lost Work

I first started using Scrivener in 2011 when it was first a beta for Word. I later purchased Scrivener for Word back in 2016 and wrote a manuscript there. I haven’t used Scrivener since then. However, I recently took a trip to new Orleans to do research for this particular novel and got excited about it all over again. A couple of things occurred when I went on to my laptop to try and access the novel. 1) I can’t remember my license number for Scrivener, so I’m using a trial version. The email I used to purchase Scrivener is no longer in use so I’m unable to get a copy of the license. 2) I downloaded an updated version of Scrivener and when I went to open my manuscript, I received a message box stating the manuscript had to
be configured to the latest version. Well now, it doesn’t show anything. There isn’t even a text file of the manuscript I wrote three years ago. I’m trying not panic but I had a considerable amount of work completed on the manuscript. An unfortunately, I only wrote this manuscript in Scrivener. A copy is saved on my Dropbox account but again, there’s nothing. Any assistance or advice you can provide will be greatly appreciated. I’m not sure if I need the license number to actually access the manuscript. I’m at a loss.