Lots new for iPadOS 17, but unfortunately a bug [crash on adding new item from corkboard]

I was overjoyed to see the fix for the tap-off-new-card-close bug, first on the list.

However, trying it, not such a good result - perhaps only on iPadOS, vs, iOS??

  • creating a new card with +, fine, and can write in it for title and synopsis fine

  • tapping off the card indeed does not close the card – great

  • However, using either Add or Open, intending to write in the fresh document, instantly closes Scrivner entirely – and when reopened, no new card or document exists.

  • Also there’s a warning symbol on the Project, seeming to do with Dropboc, not unexpectedly

  • Creating a new document from a prior doc, or the binder, still works fine

I tried this first just using the normal App Store update to get the new Scrivener, and then by deleting the app and reinstalling it. No difference. A power-off and restart didn’t help anything either.

This is all on an iPad Air 4, 256GB memory, most of that available, no problems ever with the machine. Standard iPadOS update from latest 16 to 17 on Monday.

One other point is that reinstalling the app doesn’t reload the projects in Dropbox automatically, even though the path is preserved. . It wasn’t until I created a new Project on the iPad, closed so it would sync, and then I believe got a dialog whether I wanted to sync all, that the old projects were each uploaded again from the look of it, and now are available after some minutes.


Apple released update 17.0.1 today – installed it, but didn’t help this problem.

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I’m having the same issue. It crashes after trying to add a new card or save one after editing. Also has just randomly crashes in the middle of syncing which is messing up the files.


I’ve been having the same problem, I think. It won’t let me start any new cards without crashing, and I’m too nervous to experiment with editing/writing in my current ones to see if that causes issues, too.

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@A.G.Arehart Ami, from my experimenting with it, you shouldn’t have any trouble starting new cards using the plus-sign from the Binder on the left, or that appears at the top right of the editor bar after you’ve clicked Done.

I haven’t done much beyond this, but editing in cards I had or cards I mader, either the synopses or the documents themselves, hasn’t run into any trouble.

May be you could do as I did, start a fresh testing project, and try these things out.

You’ll always want to have backups from the PC or Mac Scrivener app in any case. But not using Scrivener until this is fixed is automatically a safest route. Maybe you can use another editor to keep your writing up (free and very nice Pages on the iPad?), and then copy-paste your texts back into a proper place in Scrivener once there’s a fix we’re all confident with.

I just noticed that @JonW seems to be saying he’s had trouble with editing, so ever though I haven’t seen this, maybe staying away really is the best course. I already use other programs before Scrivener, so that will work here.

I had a mark on my original report from @AmberV , so I think it’s in the work list at Scrivener, where hopefully we’ll hear good news soon.


As I said earlier, and I continued messing with iOS Scrivener yesterday, I don’t use cards and I’ve not seen issue. Are you finding the new version working ok if you avoid using cards?

This might be an issue with the newest update, but I just downloaded tonight (it was a gift) and… when trying to create any new documents to add to the corkboard on ipad, it crashes immediately when pressing ‘add’ or even if you try to cancel!

Thanks for the report, I’ve got it written up, and hopefully it’s an easy fix given all of the other + buttons work fine.

I’ve been through just about every scenario I can think of, and there are only two crashes (both leading to the same cause, surely):

  • Use of ⌘N while the corkboard is active—for example if you select a card passively and then try to make a new item beside it.
  • Use the + button in the top-right corner while a corkboard is visible.

All other methods and contexts work fine, including even using the binder sidebar’s + button (or ⌘N, so long as the sidebar is the last thing you tapped on) while the folder you are navigated into there is also being shown in the corkboard view. The card will add to the corkboard.

So overall this one is pretty easy to avoid, and even if it happens the result isn’t going to be terrible (loss of what was typed into the Add sheet is the main issue), as the crash seems to chiefly happen before any data is written. I.e. the project is already in a saved and passive state when it crashes. There was only one case I encountered where it seemed it did try to write the new item, but didn’t completely finish doing so. In this case the software recovered this condition cleanly, producing the partial result as a “conflict” (probably because that is what it looks like internally, a partial sync).

@AmberV , what you describe fits very well with all I’ve observed here.

It’s probably feeling a bit technical, hence my thought to stick with other apps for new text creations until the fix comes, for anyone uncomfortable.

It’s sure safety, and the comfort is important in what we do when we ‘write’, isn’t it :slight_smile:

(recent personal discoveries how much…!)

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That’s maybe a bit overkill since you only have to avoid one button and the result isn’t catastrophic in the least, but sure, I guess if someone is extremely adverse to a crash happening, if they forget themselves, and don’t think to cancel either.

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Wait… you guys are using Scrivener to write in and add new documents and stuff? So you don’t just have it open on your screen, blank page all aglow, and just stare at it for hours?

I thought this was a forum for real writers. Pfffft!


Well, there’s probably some of that, also :slight_smile:

…and extraneous edits

Greetings, @pigfender, long time no see…

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iPadOS 17.0.2 arrived this evening , installed.

No help to the problem under investagation here, but was worth the try, besides what else it carries likely very good to have. There have been a few little niggles, and there seems to be some ongoing recent security items to patch, as they are…

Cheers to the team…

Excellent - an updated Scrivner iPadOS (1.2.4) arrived this morning, and…

…all seems entirely well with The Force!!

  • everything I could think fo to try with adding/editing Cards was just fine
  • the upgrade to avoid dropping the create dialog by tapping outside continues fine
  • and, maybe something I didn’t notice before, but immediately appreciate, is that in trying back and forth with Win11 Scrivener latest also, whatever Binder item was in view on one platform is right there in view on the synced other.

Thanks you, @KB, et al – feeling very fine to use :slight_smile: