Love Chapter 3! but how do I access the Extras Pack

Words cannot do justice to all the hard work you have all put in. This new edition is gorgeous. Quick question, I wish to look at the examples in the Extras Pack but only a few of these files are .scriv files. How can I open the others?

Best and keep up the stellar work,


Hi Michael,

Many thanks for the kind words! Everything in the Extras packs is covered in various different sections of the manual. I note that Ioa hasn’t included in the readme.txt which parts of the manual they are used in, possibly because the manual is a constant work in progress and the section numbers would quickly be out of date. However:

.scrtypes is a list of Section Types that can be imported or exported via Project > Project Settings > Section Types.
.clr is an Apple colour palette profile. They can be placed in ~/Library/Colors.
.scrformat is a Compile format and can be imported via Compile (from the gear button at the bottom of the Formats list).
.rb is a Ruby script that can be used with Compile’s post-processing options for users who want to run scripts after using Markdown, for instance.
.scrlayout is a UI layout that can be imported via Window > Layouts > Manage Layouts…

I’m sure they will all make more sense in context of the manual, though, so it might be worth searching for the file names in the PDF manual.

All the best,

I intended to create an annotated list of those files in the appendix itself that points you to the download, but it was a low priority thing and I ran out of time before I had to move on to other aspects of the launch. I’ll get that tidied up, and I plan to add additional interactive examples in the future as time goes by, too.

And yes, searching for file names will be the best way right now, as I do always refer to them by name where they are used and discussed.

Otherwise, thank you! Glad to hear you’re enjoying it. :smiley:

Thank you, both. :smiley: