Love the new update

The new update looks brilliant! Especially the icons. :smiley:

Thank you! Glad you’re liking them!

All the best,

I’ve been using 2.7 for a few days now and already I forget what the old icons looked like. Except when I open Preferences :smiley: . Looks great, works great.

You know, I wasn’t sure about having the icons for the various Inspector panels moved up to the top, but after working with it for a day or two I think I prefer them up there. It just seems to fit better, especially when working in full screen.

Although I did have to rewrite all my Keyboard Maestro macros that had a click event in a particular place in the Inspector since they were now off by about 25 pixels.

Did the font change in the Title bar (both editor and synopsis)? That used to be Courier, didn’t it? At any rate I’m finding it easier to read now.

  1. I need to remember that L&L is not crapple or microsnot and .0 versions of software are safe.
  2. Separate function and form as difficult as that is …

KB, I truly like the ui changes. A bit more efficient and right in line with OS UI. I think most of my visual dissatisfaction is addressable with using more typewriter mode and using some framing tricks. Thanks for the continued wonderful release experience.

The MAP update is also available, and I agree. It looks really nice.
I take my hat off and bow to the designer.

(hmm… I need to buy a hat)

I am now beginning to like the new icons. I did not at first since I could not mentally connect with them very well. This problem is quickly disappearing. I think part of the problem is its always a jolt to have what someone else has chosen suddenly appear in front of you. The program feels like its mine on my computer, and then I am suddenly forced to see that this is hardly the truth of the matter.

I know its maybe to much to do, but maybe in the future a few emails can be sent before hand with samples of icons, etc, and explanations as to why they were chosen, and why other features have been chosen. I think understanding always makes anything go down easier.

I look forward to seeing the next update, and thanks for making the icons less distracting. Now if u can make the full screen slide out binder more easily adjustable, I would really be happy! :smiley:

Am i imagining it or is this somewhat iOS like? could this mean a new iPad pro is on the cards for christmas?? :smiley: