Loving the default new document setting!

I just downloaded 2.2, and am loving the ability to set the default document template for any given folder. I’ve already set it up for my Characters folder and my Locations (setting) folder. I also made Chapter folders the default document type for my Manuscript folder, and I made the chapter folder template document use my Scene template document as it’s default new document type.

Now I just have to figure out how to navigate to the Manuscript top-level folder via keyboard, and I can create new chapter folders and scenes without my fingers leaving the keyboard! Hmm…

LeftArrow! :slight_smile:

Or ‘M’ if you don’t have many items starting with ‘M’. Might be a case for calling it “Ze Manuscript!”.

Okay, so say I’m editing a scene. I finish it with a flourish, and already brewing in my subconscious was the next scene. I’m on fire, ready to start typing.

How do I use the keyboard to get out of my editor and to the binder, where I can use this ridiculously simple navigation technique?

If you want a new scene, you can create it and go directly to it with Command-N.
If you want to get to the binder, try Control-Option-Command-B, then up/down arrows to move to the scene you want to select.

Unless I’m misunderstanding what you are trying to do.

Yes, that’s the trick. The Ctrl-Opt-Cmd modifiers in conjunction with the following letters will jump you to:

B : Binder (or analogous sidebar)
E : Primary editor
R : Secondary editor (if applicable)
I : Synopsis card in inspector (if visible; first to reveal otherwise)

Then there are the shortcuts for the inspector panes, each of which first reveals and then focusses if revealed (so, double-tap to jump straight to it if hidden):

H : Notes
N : References
J : Keywords
M : Meta-data
K : Snapshots
L : Comments/Footnotes

You can also use Ctrl-Tab to cycle between the sidebar and split editors.

Thanks a lot guys. I’m going to have to paste those shortcuts somewhere handy until I memorize them. Too bad my brain doesn’t have a place to post sticky topics.