Low Resolution?

Hi, I just switched to Windows 10 from Mac OS after my macbook broke down. I have been using Scrivener on my mac and really liked it. I installed it on my PC recently and found that everything in the app is a little blurry–like when you zoom in too much on a low-resolution image.

Is it because the latest version of scrivener is not yet up to date on the display setting/specs with the latest windows 10 laptops yet? Do other windows 10 users have this problem?

Thank you very much!

I certainly don’t have this problem with Windows 10. May I ask what your screen resolution is and what your display settings are?

I’ve just reinstalled Scrivener after not using it for some time, and I’m finding the same thing: On my Surface, the text is really jaggy, like it’s not using the system’s default method of displaying text and is instead using some other, old method that’s not very pleasant to look at. (Reminds me of typing in Mac OS 8.)

On the positive side, the windows and icons now scale perfectly. Thanks for that improvement!

I am using a Thinkpad X1 carbon. My display setting is at 1920*1080.

I can confirm this is a problem. It’s not a problem on low-resolution screens (1080p and lower), so won’t show up on the Thinkpad. But on a 4K display or similar Scrivener upscaling gives you either:

(a) crisp fonts, but font alignment problems and unusably small display elements (such as controls), or
(b) regularly-sized display elements and unusably blurry fonts.

(b) seems to be the default, but you can achieve (a) by running in compatibility mode or disabling upscaling. To be honest, both are really bad.

Under Linux, Scrivener runs great in WINE and tweaking the WINE settings allows you to set a custom DPI for all of the display elements. The combination of that and choosing the right size of UI fonts lets you strike an upscaling balance that doesn’t yet seem to be possible in Windows. I’m not recommending that, but it may be useful in helping figure out where things are going wrong.

For reference, I’m using a Surface Pro 4. That’s something like 4K (2736x1824); I can only imagine that the problem gets worse at 5K or 8K.

I can confirm the same jagged fonts running Windows 10 at 3840x2160.

I have the same issue with my HP Spectre and 4k dell monitor. So disappointed because this seemed like a great program, but the cruddy res makes it unusable for me. I don’t know how hard it could be to make the fonts crisp? I hate looking at low res type, which is why I have a 4k screen in the first place. From reading the mac vs windows differences, it seems like they aren’t as committed to the windows product. Too bad.

I feel for all you Window’s users in your frustration over this. There have been numerous threads on this giving possible work-arounds though no final solution. Version 1.x for Windows was created before high res screens existed, so the version of Qt in which it is programmed doesn’t support high res.

That is patently untrue. The development of the Windows version—a completely separate development process, not a port—started 5 years after Scrivener for Mac was launched, which had already reached version 2, and is done by a team of 2, only one of whom is full-time I believe. I understand they are in the process of rewriting the millions of lines of code in an up-to-date version of Qt that does support high res, and at the same time bringing it up to parity with the forthcoming version 3 for Mac, which we Mac users hope will be out sometime this year, though from what has been posted by Lit & Lat, the Windows version will be a few months after that.


Mark (Just a user).

I have a Dell XPS 13, with a 1080p resolution and this IS a problem and unfortunately a possible deal breaker.
The software looks awesome (I just started trial) but you just can’t work in low-res.

Not sure where I found this, but here’s what worked for me regarding the low resolution problem:

  • From your Windows desktop (NOT from within Scrivener) right-click on your Scrivener icon.
  • Choose “Properties” from the pop-up menu.
  • Choose the “Compatability” tab.
  • Under “Settings,” check the box labeled, “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings”
  • Click “OK”

You can now reopen Scrivener. Your fonts should display normally.

Hope this helps.

Thank you, schoolmann - worked perfectly.

This worked for me as well, Schoolmann. Thank you.

Oh my, this has been bugging me for months. Finally googled a fix and this one by schoolmann - the first i tried - worked perfectly. Thank you!