.mac and saving

Hi. Overall, I really like Scrivener, but I having a problem that has caused me a great deal of time and certainly some lost work.

I travel and have to use different machines often, so I have always used .MAC as my home directory. This has worked for me for many years.

It seemed to me I could do the same thing with Scrivener but I know I must have something confused.

First, I backed up to my .MAC account and thought that was where I was saving because I didn’t really know where the home directory was. But I found that I was losing work- unfortunately, good work that had to be totally re-created from what I had. But I was double clicking the backups thinking that that was my file.

So I began just starting scrivener and working with what it gave me- and that seemed to work better but, again today, I found that I had lost pages and redactions and notes- and more, my trust that I truly had what I had created. I began to look and pages were missing- for no reason that I can tell.

I like Scrivener. Can someone tell me how to do what I want to do: use .MAC as my home directory, so that I can open it anywhere and work on my stuff? Or, if that isn’t possible, use a USB flash drive to save my stuff and carry it from computer to computer.

There is no doubt that the fault is mine. I just need a secure way of working on my material and traveling too.


Hi Woshidon

I’ve read several threads here that can solve your problem. I suggest you do a search on “back up” and especially on “idisk”. There are threads on using the idisk as a back up and sync resource.

I know there is also a thread on using thumb drives. You can search on “flash drive” possibly.

Hope this helps.