mac and windows via dropbox

I have Scrivener for mac and iOS, I use dropbox. Everything is ok. I can open my files easily just by clicking on the file’s name.
Now I am having a go with Scrivener for windows with a friend’s pc, but now the files’ names are folders with the .scriv extension, and if I click them the folders opens, inside there is a .scrivx file, which seems to be the “scrivener” document. What is happening? On my mac as well as on iOS, I didn’t see the .scriv file/folder, I just click on the name, but now there are those folders and I wouldn’t make a mess of my scriveners files.

On a Mac the folder is a “package”, which looks like a file. In Windows you see the folder and I think it’s the .srivx you have to click to start.

The .scrivx file is just the index of all of your writing & imported file content. If you explore further into the subfolders of the .scriv folder, you’ll find files ending in .rtf and .txt, and other extensions if you’ve imported .pdf .jpeg or other types of files.

If you looked at the contents of the .scrivx file, you’d find the titles of every document in your binder, keywords assigned to each document, status and label assignments to each file and so-forth. What you won’t find are the words that you’ve written in each document, nor the actual contents of any of the files you’ve imported. Think of the .scriv folder as a library building, the .scrivx file as the library’s card catalogue, and the rest of the .scriv folder as the shelving and books arranged by an esoteric cataloguing system that only librarians understand.

That explain everything, I was quite worried since I am not (any longer) that familiar with windows.