Mac compiles hangs on "Converting file format..." to Word 97-2004 doc

It seems to be just one project, other projects work fine, so I don’t think it’s a java converters not present/findable problem (which I had/solved previously)
I need Word.doc because that’s what Smashwords needs.
I can export to docx.
Scrivener is up to date 3.2.3 (14869)

I was going to say I didn’t do anything different on this project, but it does have hard page breaks.

What if you compile to DOCX (which is a newer format and more understood than DOC) and then in Word resave as DOC. Take Scrivener out of Microsoft’s world.

Yes, I can do that (actually using Libre Office, but w/e, it works). It’s a bit clunky tho.

DOC format is complicated. Best to simply stop using it. Microsoft killed (no longer default for Word) in 2007 … quite some time ago. Any “clunkiness” on them! :wink: