Mac Dock pops up on full screen

When I am in the full screen composing mode, if I scroll to the menu bar at the bottom, where I can enlarge the page width, font size, etc, the Mac Dock keeps popping up, obscuring other options. Can’t find any way to stop this. I have tried all the options in systems preferences, but no joy? Can you help?

That’s odd. I can’t make it do that at all: for me, the Dock never pops up in composition mode, no matter where I put the cursor. (That’s fine by me—I never use the Dock anyway and keep it hidden whenever possible—but even with Autohide off, I can’t make it appear with the cursor in Composition Mode. The Composition Mode menu bar always pops up, never the dock.

This is with the latest versions of Scrivener (3.2.2.) and Big Sur (11.1). Which versions are you using?

I have the dock at the bottom of MacOS 11.1, and set for “Automatically Hide and Show the Dock”. When I overshoot the bottom of the Scrivener full screen view, Dock pops up (normal). But keeping the cursor above that critical point but still within the buttons used to control Scrivener it works as expected. I can’t recreate what you report.

: make dock smaller?
: re-enlarge to Full screen a few times?
: put the dock at top or sides (I normally keep it at right and is always out of way)

No more ideas.

Thanks for your help. I tried the ideas and one of them eventually worked, but can’t remember which. All well now, thanks.