Mac equivalence v3

I may be in the wrong place but…
If I buy v1 Windows now I understand I get v3 when ready, however to do that in advance I need to know whether two items will be equivalent.

  1. Import video as a shortcut (alias) into Research.
  2. Play such video within the confines of Scrivener.
    Both of these are available in the Mac version.

Thank you.

While you’re waiting for someone from L&L to reply, you could always download the Win beta and check for yourself if those features currently work–if they work now then you’re question’s answered. :smiley:


As mentioned earlier, you could install the Beta and find out (which I highly recommend), but yes to both questions.

File → Import → “Research Files as Shortcuts”

It pastes the import as a separate document, containing (near as I can tell) the video file. I did this with an MP4 on my local drive.

And Scriv itself played it. The Desktop Window Manager went to nearly 1% of CPU in Task Manager, and System Interrupts were significant, but the video played fine.

So go ahead and buy v1.9. You don’t lose; 1.9 is still a great writing tool, and the current Beta is better in many ways (although a bit buggy at the moment).

Thank you for the replies and suggestions.
I did do the obvious and try the beta a few months ago, but could not get it to work as on the Mac, hence my question.
I would have expected a beta to contain all features but maybe ‘buggy’. Playing a video did show the ‘video controls’ on an internal window but they appeared to do nothing but play the video in an external player (VLC). I did not select external player.
Perhaps there is a hidden setting I missed?

Probably not. The only media setting in Options is the rewind option.

The Beta does have issues with some media files at the current time.

Thank you RWFRANZ