Mac How to use 3 pane layout?

I swear, I’ve been searching and trying different things, but nothing obvious works. I’ve saved two pane layouts, but I’d really like to see three sets of folders (three collection)s all at once. Does three pane mean two editors and the binder? I can’t get a third collection to load. Thanks for your help.

btw, I think I solved the names won’t stick to collections problem by changing the name of the folder in the editor. I think.

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You can have up to four editor panes at once, with a split Editor and two copyholders. Plus multiple Quick Reference panes.

There’s only ever one Binder/Collection pane, but either of the Editor panes can show Corkboard or Outline View, which can work as a Binder alternative.
(The copyholders and Quick Reference panes can’t, they can only have text.)

So, to see three collections at once, first split the Editor. Then, view Collection A in the Binder, select all the documents in it, and enable Outline view. Move the cursor to the other half of the Editor and do the same with Collection B.

Next, set Navigate → Binder Selection Affects to None, and view Collection C in the Binder.

Is it possible to open 3 Editor panes? I don’t need to see a binder as much as I need to see the corkboard for three collections at the same time. And not have the titles of my collections keep changing.

Sorry, the maximum is two corkboards at once.

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But I could do the third as that floating reference thing, correct?

Quick references panes only support text, I’m afraid.

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