Mac Keyboard Shortcuts Don't Work in Scrivener ONLY

My keyboard shortcuts stopped working in Scrivener–the ones I program in the OS X system preferences. They DO work for other programs on my iMac. Also, they work in Scrivener on my laptop with the same setup. Just not on Scrivener on my iMac.

Any idea where I should look to trouble shoot this? I did try rebooting the iMac. Didn’t help.

I recently moved all my preferences from the iMac to the laptop–Scrivener prefs and keyboard prefs. But that can’t be the problem because I was going the other direction–iMac to laptop, not laptop to iMac. So I suspect it’s something at the intersection of the OS and Scrivener.

Maybe I screwed up a Scrivener system file somehow.



I periodically lose my custom keyboard shortcuts, and I think it has to do with reinstalling, particularly if the name changes (though I’m odd in that I have half a dozen different versions of Scrivener installed at once, so I’m not really surprised that things go a bit wacky for me).

At any rate, what things have you tried already?