Mac mini fan speed

Hi, I’m using Scrivener 3.1.5 on a 2018 Mac Mini and as soon as I open scrivener, the fan spins up to a medium high speed and stays there for as long as I’m working within it. If I switch to another window, the fan speed drops, if I return, it goes back up. Scrivener stays perfectly usable but the fan noise is difficult to work with and it’s clearly stressing the Mac out for some reason. Can anyone advise?

Mac mini (2018)
3.2Ghz 6 core intel i7
Intel UGD Graphics 630 1536MB

What’s in the project?

In general, Scrivener is pretty lightweight – it’s fundamentally just a text editor – and your system should be more than capable enough. Creating a big Scrivenings session or Compiling a big document can consume a lot of resources, but if you’re not doing that you might look to see if there’s something resource intensive in your research materials. For example, have you imported a web page that’s trying to run a script?


Thanks Katherine. I’ve done a bit more testing this morning running Scrivener with different combinations of other programs open, and it looks like it might actually be Chrome that’s the problem. I’m switching to safari and will let you know if I encounter the issue again.

Might also be related to specific pages. Web page scripts are like any other kind of code – there are opportunities for loops and other performance killers.