Mac not opening files after I moved folder


My mac is getting old, so worrying about it packing in I read up on how to save my Scrivener files, and moved the file it auto-saves to into the Cloud. So, I basically changed the back up location. Is this where it autosaves to every 2 seconds?

And now, when open Scriv and go to Open Recent it doesn’t, the little coloured wheel just whirrs and I have to manually turn the power off.

I can get copies to open from Dropbox (my manual saves) but obviously, I don’t know if I am working on a live copy now?

Help very much appreciated :smiley:

Scrivener autosaves, from memory, TO THE PROJECT. If you’re saying autosave when you mean automatic backup, that’s different and should not be in the same location as the project. Saving to Dropbox means saving to a local hard drive location inside the Dropbox folder; it doesn’t mean saving to the cloud — not directly at least. Dropbox the APP monitors Dropbox the FOLDER, and when it notices you’ve changed things, it syncs those changes to Dropbox the CLOUD service.


It sounds like you moved your project file to a cloud drive. (And hopefully you did not move the project file while it was still open in Scriv.)

  1. Open Recent doesn’t know where your project is anymore; you moved it! Open your project directly (from the Finder on Mac), instead of replying on Open Recent.

  2. If your cloud drive is set to actually remove files from your hard drive (and deliver them back on demand) – many do this now – then you need to identify your Scriv project as an exception (not to be stored remote-only), otherwise Scriv can’t work with it.

I don’t know what a cloud drive is; I suppose you mean a folder synced to the cloud, such as a Dropbox or iCloud folder. Some people seem to think they’re in the cloud, but they’re not.

Hi, thanks so much for the replies. I don’t know where the Project is saved? If I am manually opening it from the automatic back up, is that why Scriv can’t find it anymore when I try to go to recent?
Maybe as well as resetting my back up, when I moved the whole desktop onto the cloud it moved the Project with it automatically?

So, I left it to open with the the coloured wheel going, and abotu 5 mins later it opened with the attached message, BUT I don’t know where I’m supposed to save it to…

More information about this error message is here:

You can locate all projects on your computer by searching for .scriv files in Finder.

You can also locate Scrivener’s automatic backups by going to Scrivener → Preferences → Backups and opening the backup folder in Finder.

Hitting the Show Project in Finder button in that dialog would show you the relevant place too.

You should sort this out by moving that project file in the Finder (after closing it in Scriv), not by saving from within Scrivener. You need to get that project out of the scriv backups folder (and any other non-backup project files that might be in that same folder).

The Recents menu item has this downside: it cannot distinguish between the live projects you are working with — your master projects — and anything else you might happen to open (like a backup file). So, it can get populated with things you don’t really want to be opening (inadvertently) and working in. I much prefer the Favorites menu item, because I get to tell it what are my main projects and then those are what show in that menu. I keep most of my scriv projects in a common folder, so it is easy to open the occasional non-favorite from the Finder when needed.

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Hi, that is really really useful thanks. So I set up a brand new folder - and now there is only one document in there so I am assuming this is the LIVE one.

Thanks again for your help, much appreciated :smiley: