Mac OS 10.12.6, Scrivener & Scrivener for IOS compatibility

I have and want to know if I get the IOS version if they are file compatible or if the IOS version requires 3.0.

I don’t think I need the 3.0 enhancements as I only want to use the cards to lay out an outline.



iOS Scrivener will work with either Mac Scrivener or Mac Scrivener 3.x.

Be aware, however, that Mac Scrivener is not supported for versions of Mac OS after 10.12. You’ll need to plan on moving to Scrivener 3.x once you install 10.13 or newer.


Thanks for the reply.

Yes, the reason I am not hopping up and down to update the system is the very large number of apps that would/might need upgrading, all at a fee of some sort.

If Scrivener had transparent .fountain file support (move seamlessly back forth between etc. then I would jump right into 3.x).

But I will do the IOS version for the cards.