Mac OS/Windows question

Hello all. I am a longtime Scrivener on Mac(book) user, but I’ve recently started a job where I have a PC running Windows, and I’m a bit confused about the best way to utilise Scrivener on/between the two machines. Hoping some of you can answer the following questions:

  1. I want to do my writing in spare time at work, but I don’t want to bring my Macbook in every day just in case I get that time. I would have paid for the Windows version to use it on my work PC, but it only works with Windows 8, and the machine runs Windows 10. Does anyone know if there is a Windows 10 version in the pipeline?

  2. If I did have Mac and Windows versions running, would they sync between them (i.e. could I open the same Scrivener project in either), or would they require totally separate projects? (If it’s the latter, then I’m not sure there’s much point in buying the Windows version even if it does come out for Windows 10).

  3. Can anyone think of any other way around this problem? Currently, it seems like I either stop using Scrivener to do my writing, or I bring my Macbook in every day to do my writing on there. Neither is ideal - any ideas are welcome!

Thanks for your time/help.

The Scrivener site says Scrivener for Windows “requires 8+” which means it requires Windows 8 or later, not that it “only works on 8”. So, unless you have special reason to think it does not run on Win 10, then it does.

You can put a Scrivener project on a Dropbox-synced folder of your Mac and then access it from the Windows machine and work on it. There are important things to know and practices to follow when working on a project from more than one machine, and about keeping a project on a sync service, so you will need to read up on this.


P.S. Please do consider whether / verify that working on your personal projects, connecting to your personal Dropbox, installing some personally owned software are legit activities on your work machine.

Along these same lines, allowing a machine that you do not personally control to access your Dropbox account is extremely risky. I once helped a user who left their job without deactivating Dropbox on their work computer, only to have their material obliterated when their former employer wiped their old computer. Make sure you have backups outside of Dropbox.

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Thanks for the response.

It actually says “Requires Windows 8”, not 8+ (see here:

That’s helpful. Thanks.

I’m an academic, so writing is a legitimate activity for my work machine. I just choose to do it on Scrivener, which complicates things.

That’s a good point, and I’ll bear it in mind. Thanks

Okay, but it would make no sense for them to mean only Windows 8.

What makes no sense is why they don’t put ‘or later’, if that’s what they mean. I don’t use a Windows machine, and I know nothing about Windows. If it says it requires Windows 8, that’s what I’ll assume it means.

It’s just an overlooked detail in the text of their web site which I’m sure they (@kewms) will, by virtue of seeing this thread, repair it. Not as if something like that that never happened to most writers participating in this forum.

And yes, per @drmajorbob it does indeed make no sense that they are stuck on an antique (~10 years old) operating system.

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We are just looking at different pages, my friend.

Scroll down on Scrivener overview page to see the ‘8+’.

I use Win 10 and did since version 1.9. I’d venture a guess that almost all Win users on this forum are on 10 so we never even noticed that blurb. Given what the page said, I can understand being concerned about it, but yes, it definitely works with Win10 (and on many machines I have).

GR already verified file format compatibilty. I’ll add too that you can use an iPad or iPhone too. I’m debating on resurrecting my old iPad just for that purpose, because the file formats are compatible with that too.

All the best to you.

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