Mac Pro DOA?

SO just watched the Apple event.

New Laptop refresh product line.

Mac Mini refresh

iMac refresh

iPad 4 and iPad mini

Not a single mention of the Mac Pro tower line that is OLD as the hills.

Apple saying at the event that the iMac was the “flagship” of the desktop line offered by apple.

I guess everyone that works in design, print, professional audio, video, etc that use the Pro Towers can just sell all their crap and use some consumer iOS products to produce their professional products.


Oh well. The Fusion drive was nice.

The latest news for Mac Pros is some time in 2013. So now is not a good time to buy one.

But yeah, this keynote was like most of them have been for years now.

“iPhone rel…” skips forward five minutes

“We’ve prepared this video showing fans…” skips forward ten minutes

“iCloud and Page…” skips forward five minutes

“And we’ve reached another milestone!” skips forward ten minutes

“New iPa…” skips forward thirty minutes

“Look at that edge!” Crowd goes wild skips forward five minutes

“This iMac edge is 5mm thic…” skips forward eight minutes

“So this edge is So Thin!” skips forward ten minutes

“And here’s the inside. There’s a hard drive. WiFi. For your FaceTime. Battery.” Applause

“And now we’ve got some great news about OS X!” Sits up…

“Last month 80,000,000,000 people Twittered their photos. Now you can stream your pictures to Facebook!” Sighs and skips forward eight minutes

“Thank you so much for watching!”

Damn. The Mac Pros and mac desktops were always solid hardware. (They should be for the price) :frowning: