[Mac] Quickview'ish function or similar for images

I often insert images into my Scrivener files, as I use it for work related notes. I then scale them by double clicking the images to, for instance 1200x800 --> 300x200, so they don’t take up a ton of space. This way I can retain the quality of the images for quick export if needed, yet have them in a proper size.

Some time I would like to see the full size after all, and the only way to do that I believe, is to double click the image and set it back to the original size, click okay, look at it, and then go back to rescale it. A quite long and slow process. :slight_smile:

I suggest one of the following things, to briefly have an image pop up to full size, or scale it to match the height or width of the screen (Ie. like Quickview in Finder!):
• Click the image.
• Hover the cursor over the image and have a small magnifying glass icon or similar appear in the corner of the image, that you can press.
• Let me hover the cursor over the image, and then press the Space button.

Although your post is old, perhaps this will help you out.

I’ve found that I can see a full-size image by dragging the scaled image from the document into the preview app on the dock. Something built into Scrivener would be better, but this at least works for looking at an image without having to resize it up, and then back down.

As of Dec 2020, double clicking open a resizing dialog
I suggest:

  1. Double clicking opens a full-size view of the image
  2. Right clicking opens a resizing window.

Alternatively, the resizing dialog that pops up from a double click could include a button to launch a full-size view.

Images embedded into documents can be dragged into the editor header bar to view them full-size.