Mac to Windows: "Outline" Font Issue

Hi, been using Scrivener on Mac for a long while, recently also purchased the Windows version. When I open Mac projects on Windows, I often find documents where the “Outline” font style has been applied - unreadable and it slows everything down. Choosing “regular” style in the Font menu does nothing to change this back, nor does applying different styles or even the “default” style.

The only relief I’ve found is to create a new document and then copy/paste that content to the new document. This creates more work.

Is there some Windows setting I’m missing? Or some cross platform “default” font I need to assign to be sure this doesn’t happen?

Much thanks!

What font are you using? You’ll have the best results going between platforms if you use a font that’s available on both platforms: Georgia, Times New Roman, Arial, and the like. If you have a font that you like that isn’t available on one computer or the other, you can always install it so it’s available on both computers.

Thanks Jen, I am using Palatino, I have it on both systems. But on the Windows side - this weird outline, which can’t be changed.

I can try and set the default font on both to something else and see, but it still seems there should be a way to alter the “outline shape” font as well.

There is an outline formatting option in the Format menu (Format → Font in the top menu). If you highlight text that appears to be outlined and navigate to that menu, does the Outline option show as checked? If so, does selecting it again to uncheck it removed the outline formatting?

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