Mac V2.3.1 hangs opening Mac V1 project

I have both Scriv V1 and V2 installed on my MtnLion system.
When I try to open a V1 project file from V1.5.4 it opens fine.
But when I try to open it from V2.3.1 (expecting it to ask about converting project) it just hangs the “open” dialog box.

I thought that maybe I was supposed to import the project instead of opening it, so I created a blank project in V2 and imported the V1 project, but that just put everything into a research folder.

Any ideas? (and yes I waited several minutes trying to open a 300MB project file before force quiting Scriv which was not technically non-responsive even though most of the menu items were disabled and the open dialog wouldnt cancel or finish).

Hmm, I thought we’d ironed out all of the updating problems ages ago, but it may be that there is something in your project that is triggering an extant bug. Would it be possible for you to share the project with us somehow, perhaps via a shared Dropbox folder (it’s too big to send via email)? Actually, if you have Dropbox, you are able to make certain links public, so you could just provide us with a link to download it - if you can do this, please email us at AT literatureandlatte DOT com with the link.

If not, then there are a couple of things to try:

  1. What happens if you save the project from 1.54 and then open it in 2.x? Still hanging? (As opposed to trying to open the v1 file directly.)

  2. Try opening the project in 1.54 and then exporting the research files - any PDF and media documents, especially any larger ones, then deleting them from the project. Then try opening the v1 file in 2.0. If it works, then re-import the files into the project and see if any of them cause any problems.

Thanks and all the best,

I dont see a “dropbox folder” in the finder (which I can guess has something to do with me not using “the cloud”?).
However, I have my own website, so I will email you the URL to the project file for diagnosis.

BTW, I see on second look that when I imported the V1 project into a new blank v2 project, it lost lots of my meta-data (e.g. status and label), SO, I’d like to actually be able to convert the project without losing any info.