Mac version not syncing with Dropbox?

So, I mostly write on my desktop (currently running Windows 10), and run a backup on my tablet (iPad). I recently started a project on my desktop, but it’s not appearing on my iPad. I can see the files in the Dropbox app both on my desktop and the iPad, but it’s not uploading to Scrivener.

How can I fix this? I don’t like having to get out of bed,wake up the desktop, and jot down the ideas that occur at 3 AM.

Troubleshooting guide: … os-syncing

Synchronization setup guide: … g-with-ios

I suspect the issue is that the iPad has a ZIPped backup of the project, not a working copy, but it’s hard to say without more information.

Also, you’re in the Mac forum, but your post says that you’re using Windows. Which is it? Or both?


My main writing computer is a Windows machine, but the problem is with the iPad, so I thought I’d ask here. I’ll poke around with my settings in the morning, and check out the guides you shared.

Did you tell your iPad Scrivener to sync with the Dropbox folder where you have your project .scriv folder on your PC? You set it up under Edit → gear wheel → Dropbox settings.

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Yeah. All the other projects updated just fine, and the new one is in the same place. It’s just… not going to my iPad.

Well, have you tried the simple tests, like re-starting your iPad, saving a new copy of your project with a new name from the Mac, moving the whole project out of the DB sync folder and back, giving DB time to upload all changes, etc.?

I did restart the iPad, DB is fully loaded and current.

For some reason, I can’t save a new copy of the project (even with a new name), but I’ll try moving it out and back, see if that helps.

If the project can’t be saved, there is something wrong with the project.
Why not create a new project and drag the content in the Draft over to the new project? and see if it syncs?

HA! That fixed it! Thank you so much!

Keep writing. :slight_smile: