Mac/Windows Compatibility

I’m going to have to shift from using a Mac exclusively to using a Windows machine. I’m thrilled to see you have a new Windows version, but I want to check to be sure that all the Scrivener projects I have created and worked with on my Mac will open easily when I port them to Windows. Is there anything I need to do or be aware of as I make this shift?

Scrivener 3 Mac and Scrivener 3 Windows use the same project format and have the same functionality in most respects.

Make sure everything is up and running on the PC before you dispose of the Mac, just in case of file transfer and similar issues.


My collaborator has been working using the Scrivener 3 betas since mid 2018 or earlier as I’m on a Mac. N0 problem there, so I cant imagine there will be any with the release version!



Excellent. I’m glad to hear this. Thanks!


Bit of an odd question, but I have been using the trial version on Windows and have a pretty good project going already. However, I am about to sell my current Windows computer and switch to a Mac, and was thinking of only buying the licence for the latter. Can I open my current project (created in Windows trial) on a licensed Mac? I won’t be working on both platforms, just Mac, so I wanted to see if I could avoid having to purchase the dual license in order to save the file.


Simple answer… Yes. No need to purchase extra licence. :smiley:

Be sure to transfer the entire YourProjectName.scriv project folder from PC to Mac. Best case is you are able to open the project on your Mac and confirm all looks correct prior to selling the PC.


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Thank you! I will be sure to do that. Fingers crossed.

There is no trial version. It’s merely the full version plus knowledge that you haven’t paid. The Windows and Mac versions are file-compatible, so the answer is yes.

I am planning on getting a new Mac. Could my Mac open and work on the Scrivener’s files and narratives built on windows, and therefore, work on either cpu? I have the. scriv files in Microsoft Onedrive folder

Short answer: Yes. You can. But be careful with cloud storage services.

Hi Everyone,

I began working on scrivener using a Macbook pro. I now work off Windows machines. If I download the Windows scrivener on my Dell, will I be able to open MacOs saved Scrivener binders?

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Yes. It is that simple. Transfer the files, do as usual.
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There might be minor discrepancies, but overall that’s all there is to it.

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We have this Knowledge Base article able working across platforms like this.

It has some tips and best practices that you might find helpful as you work between the two versions.

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