Macbook start up view

Hi everyone, When I open Scrivener on my iPad the start up view has my dropbox projects in a column on the left and box images of all folders including one only on iPad, on the right. Love this view. It is easy to find anything I need to work on.
But, on my MacBook the Scrivener start up view opens with project templates. I have searched the online manual and Google but I can’t figure out how to change the MacBook opening view. It seems like a small thing but it is really bugging me. Thanks for any suggestions,

The iOS project list does not have a Mac OS equivalent. The reason is that, on iOS, projects are always located in the iOS Scrivener “data area.” On MacOS, they can be anywhere you want, can be moved while Scrivener is closed, and so on. Without scanning your entire disk, Scrivener has no way of knowing where your projects are.

On the other hand, Mac OS has a comprehensive set of tools for finding things. I’ve created a smart folder in Finder to show all Scrivener projects on my system. You can also assign “Favorites,” in either Mac OS or Scrivener.

Thank you, for your response. I wish I could have more customization options but it makes sense and I appreciate your help.