Macheist Bundle

Hi, probably a stupid question, was going to upgrade from Scrivener 1. (I know, I know, I’m well behind. But 1 was still doing all I wanted.) Anyway, having changed my email address since buying Scrivener 1 I thought I’d better email sales as my email would differ. Then I saw an email from MacHeist. So here’s the stupid question. Is there any difference between the Macheist bundled version, or should I upgrade? Just that for $4 dollars more i can get the Evernote premium in the bundle.

PS, Since I’m already asking stupid questions, I’m still in the dark ages with my OS. Using Snow Leopard still. I’m assuming Scrivener 2 runs fine on that?

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The MacHeist bundled version is identical to the version you would get from our site. (Technically, the bundle really just includes the license, which you can then use to register any Mac copy of Scrivener.)

Yes, Scrivener 2 runs fine under Snow Leopard.

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I also have a question regarding this bundle.

I already own Scrivener 2 purchased from MacAppStore, so I wonder if it’s possible to give this license to a friend, as it is an activation code and not really a license code. If that is possible, I also wonder if there is a time limit, or an expiration time for the activation-code to be used.

Thanks for a great software otherwise :slight_smile: