[macOS] How I do increase menu size for a high resolution screen?

Hi all,

I’ve searched the forum and I can see that Windows Scrivener has the option to increase menu size for high resolution screens but I can’t seem to find the option for Macs.

I plug my MacBook Air into a 4K screen and the menus are tiny.

Any assistance would be appreciated.



I’m unaware of any setting in Scrivener, but maybe … others can hunt and report.

What you can do now is change your monitor’s resolution … Apple Menu → System Preferences → Icon: Displays → Pick your monitor (if you have more than one) → Button : Display Settings → Option : Scaled. Then try the different settings, picking one that you like.

I use “Default for Display” on my Retina screens. I like seeing more stuff on the screen, and as long as my glasses work for me that’s my preference.

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If you have a current version of MacOS installed, System Prefs>Accessibility>Display>Menu Size


Thanks for these and thank you for your time in answering.

I also like the extra screen space afforded by a higher screen resolution and larger monitor, but I believe it can be done with increased menu sizes as is possible with an update for the windows version of Scrivener.

Changing the menu size in Apple’s accessibility unfortunately doesn’t change the menu size in Scrivener - at least not for me. For many programs on Mac you can press command and + to increase menus/screens etc, but not for Scrivener.
In worst case scenario I will continue resting my nose on the screen when I need something from the menu :slight_smile:

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You need to restart Scrivener to see the difference.


That’s odd. I logged out of windows as it suggested when I changed menu size from default to larger, but even when I restarted Scrivener it doesn’t seem to change the size of Scrivener’s menus/binder/inspector etc.

@scrabbler Here I see same, and for that matter, no other menus change size when I change to “Large” Menu Bar Size. Searching Interweb, I don’t find any reports of a similar observations in macOS related to this, but maybe not noticed and then posted. I’m on macOS 12.6. Probably something that could be reported to Apple (should they be interested).

Thanks, RMS. I just checked and it’s the same for Microsoft Word’s menus.

It’s a shame but until the powers-that-be include options to alter the menu sizes, I will sit closer to my monitor and squint. :smiley:

@scrabbler AFAIK, given the macOS method to change menu sizes doesn’t appear to currently work, if you are expecting Literature & Latte to be those “powers to be”, I suspect you’ll be like those “Waiting for Godot”. They can’t make up a capability that is in control of Apple. Maybe there is something else that can be done by us mere mortals, but I’ve not run across anything other than changing screen resolution.

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Only the menus to the right of the “apple” are slightly enlarged. Not the Scrivener inspector, unfortunately. If you want to see it “better”, increase the contrast. I have done that and find it very agreeable.


With increased contrast


And without


It is not bigger, but I see a clear difference.


If increasing the menu size through Accessibility has no effect, I wonder if a restart of the Mac is required.

For me, no change to app Menu size after restart. @fto above suggests that scope is limited to top menu bar. I didn’t think to look there.

@rms Yes, but the difference is not big. Put a finger on the last menu in the menu bar, then switch back and forth, large, standard … always with restarting Scrivener in between. Then you’ll see the difference.


For mac users there is an app called “TinkerTool System”. You can do quite a bit with the free version (eg change system fonts). And with the paid version even more.

This is the editing window of the free version. Here you can select font and font size. I have no idea if these changes will be active for Scrivener. Who wants can try it and report back. :wink:


I’ve moved this to general software discussion since it largely has to do with changing how the Mac works, something entirely outside of the realm of anything we do—and for we do control, there is very little support on the Mac for scalable interfaces.

Their philosophy is that overall display magnification and “loupe” tools are what you should use if you find their interface choices too small.

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