MacOS Scrivener - Zero Length Data error - No syncing

I tend to move between the iPad version of Scrivener and the MacOS version syncing to DropBox. This has been fine for years until recently. I now get a ZERO LENGTH DATA error on the MacOS version when opening a project. I can click OK and it wants to sync to the mobile version but when it tries to sync I get another ZERO LENGTH DATA error. The IPad version works fine and syncs to dropbox happily without any error, and I can see the .Sriv files updating on Dropbox with date and time with each sync, but no new data will come down to MacOS version of Scrivener. I’ve tried uninstalling Scriv and installing again but it still comes with the same error. I’m on the latest version of MacOS - nothing else seems to be a problem on the MacBook - Any ideas?

Try moving your iPad Scrivener project from “Dropbox” to “On my Ipad” (tap Edit, then drag from one section of the projects list to the other). Make sure the project is not open on your Mac.

Tap the sync button, and verify that the project disappears from your Mac’s Dropbox location. Then move the project on your iPad back to the Dropbox sync area, and sync again.

If that doesn’t fix the issue, you may need to contact the support email.

Another user fixed a similar issue by reinstalling the Dropbox software. If that doesn’t help, you may need to contact Dropbox support.

See this article for guidance on making a backup from the iOS side before you do that:

Argh… nope, now it’s telling me that the files are in an older version of Scrivener and won’t open them at all. And it also won’t open backups either. Help!

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I followed the instruction here:

To make an online-only file available to open in third-party applications:

1. Open your Dropbox folder in Finder.
2. Right-click the file you want to have available.
3. Click Make available offline.
4. The file will be downloaded within your Dropbox folder and can be opened through any third-party application.

Once an online-only file has been downloaded in Dropbox, you’ll see the cloud icon change to a green checkmark.

to make the problem file available offline. Was able to open in ios with material I created on iPad that wouldn’t previously sync.

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Will it apply that setting (reliably) to all the many files inside a project, though?

The solution provided by Gervaise works. Thank you.