macOS Sierra - Line Breaks taking on paragraph spacing?

For some reason, now that I’ve upgraded to Sierra, the line breaks in all my scrivener documents looks visually just like paragraph breaks. I’ve triple checked the settings, and I know it’s line breaks being inserted, b/c when I copy and paste into textedit, the proper spacing is there.

Scrivener (incorrect line spacing):

Pasted into textedit (correct line spacing):

Am I doing something wrong?


  • David

I was able to open the same file on a computer running El Capitan and the spacing is as expected, then when the file is opened on a computer running Sierra, the issue is back. See below.

MacOS Sierra: (not how I want it)

El Capitan: (how I want it)
Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 3.49.58 PM.png

Surely I can be the only one encountering this…

Thanks, this is something we’ve been looking into. The problem appears to be entirely cosmetic as you note. You can paste into TextEdit and it goes away. At the moment it’s not clear why this is happening. It might have to do with which version of the development tools were used to compile the software. If something can be figured out we’ll get it fixed, it’s just a bit of a problem figuring out how to do so since Scrivener itself isn’t the one drawing the text like this.

I’m sure everyone can see it, and I have seen at least one or two other reports, but it requires a combination of settings and the use of an uncommonly used line break, in order to see it.

Thanks for the reply AmberV. I’ll just sit tight. Glad it’s not just me doing something dumb. :mrgreen:

Hello. I too have been experiencing this issue. Specifically with the Screenplay documents in the binder.

Agree that it appears to be cosmetic. Compiling to Fountain for example retains the proper pagination.

Alas, this one is yet another underlying Apple bug. It won’t be around forever, but we can’t fix it in the 32bit codebase. Here is the write-up.

It’s surprising that the issue isn’t in TextEdit also. I’d assume it also uses the macOS text engine.

Just to be clear, are we hoping apple is gonna fix their bug, or are you saying you guys can fix it in the 64bit codebase or something? Sorry, programming dummy here.

Basically the problem doesn’t exist in the 64bit version of Scrivener that is currently in development. Nothing special had to be done for that, and I imagine that TextEdit is 64bit as well. For another example, Nisus Writer Pro also appears to be using the 32bit text engine and exhibits the same flaw.

Bug doesn’t appear to be fixed in today’s MacOS Sierra update (10.12.1). :angry:

The bug is still there in macOS 10.12.3.
I am working on a large manuscript on two macs, one with Sierra and one with El Capitan, and I constantly have to correct mistakes made on the Sierra one. Quite annoying.
Is there any hope for a fix from Apple or Scrivener soon? Like the mentioned 64bit-version of the app.

Confirmed. This one is a major bummer.

I unfortunately cannot provide any further information as Apple closed my report way back, marking it as a duplicate of another. Unfortunately their bug tracking system doesn’t provide any status information to anyone but the “first” person that submitted it.

Also been tracking this issue…

First a BIG thank you for addressing the Line Break problem on iOS by including a Command+K keystroke to manually insert one. Makes a big difference on the iPad.

But the issue in Sierra on the desktop version has made using Scrivener in a screenwriting environment difficult. Is there forecast on the 64bit version of the app as it appears there are two potential ways to fix this problem: app update and OS patch.

Thank you.

Sorry, but the bug is still there with macOS 10.12.4. Is there any change on its way?

As noted above, even if my ticket was the active one I probably wouldn’t have any clue where Apple is on it, but I don’t even have the benefit of that, all I know is that other people also reported it to Apple.

Is it safe to assume that this will be fixed in the Scrivener 3 release because it’s a a 64 bit app?

Yes, the bug is in the 32-bit framework itself not Scrivener, so by being 64-bit there is no bug to begin with.

I had a similar issue with line-breaks in paragraphs with hanging indents (such as bibliographies), but, apparently, the problem has been fixed with my update to mac OS High Sierra.

Best, Magor

Well that’s good to hear! I hadn’t tried in 10.13 yet. I know it should definitely be fixed in v3 now though, as the old bug was only present in the 32-bit version of the text engine, which we no longer use.