macOS Sonoma comes out on September 26th

From The Verge:

macOS Sonoma comes out on September 26th !


What exactly is your wish?

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World peace.

Not just for humanity, but with the wider world.

The question is whether Apple will get us closer, or further away from that elusive reality.

My assessment leans toward the former.

Apple certainly is not perfect, but for all the possibilities that life offers, we could be doing a whole lot worse. There are enough examples in our recent history of what could happen in the tech world.

Even though the future is never certain, for the most part, I am grateful.

What exactly is your wish?


This is my annual reminder that I won’t be installing Sonoma on September 26th, and you probably shouldn’t either. New releases almost always have bugs; serenity in one’s own corner of the world is often enhanced by letting other people find them.

Also a reminder that we hope to release a version of Scrivener with any needed compatibility updates promptly. Please check to see if such a version exists, and if you have it, before reporting any compatibility issues.


Hi kewms,

Sage advice … one that I will likely follow myself.

If, on my Mac, Ventura weren’t so buggy, I wouldn’t have even considered upgrading for at least a month, given the possibility/likelihood of being denied access to any of my apps as a result of upgrading.

I’ll probably sit on the side for at least a few weeks to let those who are at it every second of every minute of every day pounding away as they race to be the first to find those bugs in Sonoma, and win the prize of knowing they were first to do so.

Thanks for the advice,

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I’m one of those idiots who upgrades one machine as soon as Apple pushes Sonoma out of the gate (the last beta / RC is definitely production-ready this time). Emphasis on one. Not all.

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Yup. Still alive. :face_exhaling:

Well I did install Sonoma and the newest Scrivener 3.3.2. it looks ok, but… since I normally run in darkmode I just relized that Main editor will unexpectedly “keep me in the dark” because the whole ducument is cover with this “dark matter” :wink:
when I change to light the document content reappears.

I guess this is a bug, since the shortcut key: keep main editor light, does not make any changes, although the keycombo IS listed as existing when I check with KeyCue!!!


Weird, I can’t reproduce what you describe.