MacTeX 2020 released

For those who use LaTeX as part of their workflow, MacTeX 2020 has been released.

Major changes listed here are all low-level, though I’ve read there has been a big increase in compiling speed (although TeX has regular package updates through the year, big infrastructure changes make it into the annual one): … .html#news

For users who want a smaller install, the BasicTeX package and info is found here:

And if you are lazy, homebrew can install and update BasicTeX for you:

brew cask install basictex

I always use the small package, and then install extra packages with tlmgr or TeX-Live-Utility as needed, at least for the Pandoc templates theses should be:

sudo tlmgr install lm-math lualatex-math luatexja abstract \ latexmk csquotes pagecolor relsize ucharcat mdframed needspace sectsty \ titling titlesec preprint layouts glossaries tabulary soul xargs todonotes \ mfirstuc xfor wallpaper datatool substr ctablestack ifetex adjustbox collectbox \ sttools wrapfig footnotebackref fvextra zref \