Macworld Expo SF


Is anyone here planning on going to the Macworld Expo in San Francisco in January? I’m most likely going to attend… I won’t have a stall but I will be wandering around in a very uncool Scrivener T-shirt handing out business cards and vouchers if that stuff is acceptable. (And just as I once stood next to a friend who hung around at the entrance of our middle school one morning before register showing his Star Wars figures to every child that entered whilst I said, “I have that one too,” I shall be attending the stalls of my competitors… Nah, just joking. Or am I? Yes, I am. Or am I? Oh God the red wine is setting in again.) I’m also looking forward to checking out San Francisco. I believe it’s full of free-lovin’ hippies; I’ve seen the movies. I’m off to buy my bandana on Monday. Anyway, if you are there and you see someone in a dodgy black-and-white T-shirt with the Scrivener logo emblazoned upon it, come say hello; if I recognise your forum user name I may even buy you a beer (or a tea for you weird Portlanders).


Dare I suggest an inversion of this plan?

the daughtditor says “Hi!”

I love San Francisco. I may end up there myself again next year, but alas in February, not January. Enjoy it, though, and make sure to get out and actually see some of the city while you’re there :slight_smile:

Please test the wines en-locale and report.

And please take a taxi driven by a glue sniffing driver down that impossibly windy road.

Well, thats what I would do.


That figures.

Yes, the impossibly windy road is fun.
And I would also see where Capone lived on Alcatraz, take a cable-car from the Bay to the centre of town, have a cocktail at the Top of the Mark, and drive out to Yosemite.
That’s what I would do.


vic-k drives taxis in 'frisco?

Id ride my 'SPACE HOPPER' up the steps on the left of Lombard St. (cos Im a Brit), and down again on t`other side!!

I second all of Hugh’s suggestions. I also thoroughly recommend spending an afternoon wandering around Chinatown for shopping and a meal, if you have the time. … dtours.asp

For those that don’t click food tours around mainly Chinatown read very attractive.

Seems like a good opportunity to get away, meet other people, expand your knowledge.

But then I would say that about sniffing glue too.


Only what we`ve come to expect :frowning:

from vic-k.

Right… About to start the trek from Truro to London ready for our flights to SF tomorrow. If anyone happens to be going to the Macworld Expo, look out for two dashing chaps wearing Scrivener T-shirts.

Oh, man! You are going to be so close…yet so far. SF is about 13 hours drive from Portland. I know because I made it recently. A very short flight, but not one I had planned to make. It’s tempting, though, to be able to meet you two in person!

Have an amazing time!!!



I highly recommend a visit to Chinatown in San Francisco.
Best dim sum luncheon in town. Dim sum = steamed dumplings.
And try a little Anchor steam beer as well, or Sierra Nevada.
Lunch will cost you less than the price of a 2.0 upgrade! 8)


Nice picture of Lombard St (bendy road) … stions.jsp

Isn’t this the last one Apple is going to attend?

That’s what they’re saying. Sounds like Steve’s got more important things to worry about right now.

So Keith, how was, er, Tony Bennett? (And everything else) :wink:

This was in Monday`s Guardian: … ic-hormone

Happy New Year Hugh :smiley:

Got McCarthys NCFOM, as a pre Chrissy Pressy from my daughter. Got to re-read it now, t see what I missed first time.
Take care