Macworld UK: five stars and editor's choice

Congrats, Keith…

The June edition of Macworld UK (p. 59) gives Scrivener 5/5 stars and makes it an editor’s choice. :slight_smile:

On the pros: All-in-one script-, story- or novel- creation suite, store, organize and view research in one place.

On the cons: Word processor lacks higher-end features.

– MJ

PS. Maybe the review is online too, but I’m having difficulties on accessing their site.

UPDATE: this review is not online (the only mention to Scrivener on their site is from Feb. 2007).

Crikey. I just went out and bought the mag after seeing your post - thanks, I didn’t even know it was going to appear. That’s brilliant. So now Scrivener has 5 stars from MacUser, 4 1/2 from MacWorld US and 5 stars from MacWorld UK (and 5 stars from a French Mac mag). Can you see me grinning? :smiley:

Not to mention the great user reviews at MacUpdate and Version Tracker (sites that I, and many others, always visit before buying any application).


– MJ

… and 5 (from 6) points from Mac Life, a German Mac magazine.

The review was printed in the 05.2007 edition (sorry: not available online).

The only complaint the reviewer had was that you cannot drag and drop docs from the Finder into the outliner.

They had the Scrivener demo on their magazine CD. Didn’t they ask for permission?

Congrats, Franz

Yes, they got permission, I just didn’t hear about the review. 5/6 ain’t bad. :slight_smile: Shame they were upset that they couldn’t drop files directly into the outliner - that is the whole point of the binder. But that is another (non-)discussion. :slight_smile:

Right now, I’m just adding the stars to my web page… :slight_smile:

Ooh look, lots of smileys.



If you want, I scan the article and send you a PDF file.


Thanks - don’t worry, though, as I can’t read German. :frowning: I completely flunked my German GCSE, in fact (in my oral test, I got “blumen” and “hosen” mixed up and told the teacher that I was wearing a green tie, a white shirt and black flowers).