Maddening formatting problems


I have used Scrivener for quite some time now, but this is the first time I have encountered these two maddening problems.

First: I have pasted in a couple of chapters from Word. Problem is that only one of the chapters has first line indentation (0.39"). And I want all chapters to look the same. But whatever I do, the other chapters won’t take the indentation (even if the options state they are set to the aforementioned 0.39"). I have even cut the non-indented chapters out and pasted them back in via notepad. To no avail.

The other way round does not work either: the one chapter WITH the indents won’t go back to no indent.

Next problem: I cannot select all text. However high up I go in my project, when I ctrl-A, it will only select one chapter.

This is NOT what I bought Scrivener for. For these formatting niggles which frustrate me no end and keep me from writing (it’s NaNoWriMo, and this post does not count towards my 50.000 word goal).

Please help.

As I’m sure you know, the formatting under Options, built around the Nietzsche quote, applies only to new documents. To apply the format to existing documents, you’d run Documents -> Convert -> Formatting. But there’s a technique to applying it to multiple documents; you can’t do so via Select All.

First, go into Outliner view. Select a random document in the Binder to clear out any existing selection. Then, via Ctrl-Click, multi-select several of your documents in the Binder (not in the Editor/Outliner). Then run Documents -> Convert -> Formatting. Now see if those docs are correctly formatted.

Rgds – Jerome

Ah, so that’s the trick. Sorry, but I got stressed out because of word counts and the like.

I’ll give it a shot right away.

But still does not explain why Scrivener won’t accept my 1.5 line spacing when pasting from notepad into a new and restarted session of Scrivener, bus just puts everything a 1.0.

Nevertheless, I now have a way around that. Thank you.


If your default spacing for the project is 1.5, are you using the option to paste with default formatting? This will remove all formatting from the originally copied text, and will apply the documents default formatting to it instead.