Made Man (NiaD 2013)


March 1962. The glitz and glamour of Las Vegas hides the power struggles (and sartorial anguish) of the mafia men and women that run it…

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All of the versions were compiled using the Windows version of Scrivener. You can download the Scrivener project (which includes all the chapter briefs sent out to participants) from the link below

Made Man - Scrivener Project

Adela Torres
Astrid Stevens
Barry Lees
Beth Cutter
Chia Evers
Claire Woodier
Ioa Petra’ka
Frédéric Dupont
Greg Ray
JC Rock
Keith Blount
Kirt van der Woude
Lee Powell
Matt Tobin
Michael Bywater
Montrée Whiles
Pete Becker
R. Dale Guthrie
Rodrigo Seisdedos
Sue Cowling
Tim Edwards-Hart
Tim Rogers
Victoria Griesdoorn
Waleed Ovade

I think this one is my favourite so far. It still bugs me that I didn’t actually mention that it was supposed to be 1962 anywhere in a upfront title page or anything. I could have left Matt’s laptop in after all!

I hope that you’re not confessing to lying awake at night, all this time, biting your fingernails and gnawing on you knuckles :open_mouth: It’s to be hoped that she (Montrée Whiles), doesn’t read it … you’ll never hear the last of it. :frowning: If you’re harbouring a neurosis, then you need to consider a hobby. Have you thought about picture framing? :confused:
Do take care,
Dr Mulality

That was the one which I had to bow out of, having slashed up my left hand a month previously, undergone surgery to put it back together, and was in a cast at the time.

Afterwards, when I tried to read the finished work, I was glad I hadn’t been part as it was absolutely not my cup of tea to the point where I couldn’t even finish it, I’m sad to say. So I would have failed in my contribution and caused Mr Pigfender, and everyone else, a lot of grief.


Mr X