Magic: Add a Forward Delete Key

I like to write and invoke commands with the keyboard as much as possible. And I try to make my most-used commands invokable with one hand or the other. I’ve been frustrated by the forward delete on the Macbook keyboard requiring both hands (fn + delete). I searched to see if I could reassign some other sequence to forward delete–it’s not a command that’s in any menus. Did a web search.

I hit keyboard gold.

I found a little utility program that reprograms the on/off key to be forward delete. And it works!

Here’s the post that explains, in plain English, what to do. In it is the link to the utility, PowerKey … rward-del/

(Direct link to PowerKey: )

I am not associated in any way with this product. Just thought I’d share because I’m sure some of you will want it. I repeat, it works without any problems. And it was really easy to install.



Neat trick! I myself have become thoroughly used to fn+delete, but I would have loved that one point.