Main toolbar missing gaps

This is a minor detail, but when I upgraded to Scrivener 3.1.5, the gaps I had in the main toolbar disappeared. I was able to fix it easily by going to view > customise toolbars and adding the gaps back, but I found it a bit strange that they just disappeared :person_shrugging:

This was a known issue that cropped up in beta testing, and unfortunately there was no good way around it that wasn’t universally disruptive (like resetting everyone back to default).

You can easily fix it though, by going into View ▸ Customize Toolbars... and replacing the < GAP > entries by first removing it and then adding it back.

Just so you know: In my case, installing 3.1.5 on my tablet, the gaps (but one) were simply gone.
Not inoperant, gone.
(Which is terrible, by the way. I had to spend almost a full minute of my time putting them back in… :wink: )

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Oh okay, in my case it was still there, but I only had one to begin with as my Format Bar has a grand total of three buttons and I leave the main toolbar hidden.