Maintaining iPad's Index Card stacks on sync?

Hi there,
I recently did all of my initial novel outlining on my iPad using the Index Card app. I used stacks to designate chapters. I kicked off a new project in Scrivener, and set up the sync to Index Card (thanks for that feature!). Works great, in that it brings in all of my index cards, but because collections are flat, it ignores the stack structure. And it also rewrites my dropbox index card file to be flat as well (which is the more concerning part, as I don’t want to have to recreate stacks every time I pull in Scrivener’s changes on my iPad).
Are there plans for maintaining the stack hierarchy with the index card sync? I know you all are hard at work getting a proper Scrivener app together, but it would be great to have a fix for this in the meantime! Thanks for listening. I am really digging the software.