Major Milestone

Congrats L&L!

I noticed that you all finally solved the table bug that had been crashing Scrivener. Well done! With that, all bugs that cause either crashing and loss of data have now been fixed!!

As long as you all want to keep releasing RCs, I’ll happily participate - I’m basically getting the best writing software out there for free. However, just as feedback from a member of your user base that is a novelist that has already used Scrivener to get a book to market… I think you can now have your commercial release assuming no new loss of data/crash bugs appear with this RC, and here is why:

  1. The software is 100% stable.
  2. The software is nearly working completely as intended.
  3. The software’s accomplishes its primary task perfectly. While Scrivener has indeed grown to include a variety of users, its core purpose has always been to help novelists and storytellers DRAFT their manuscripts. This has been fully accomplished.
  4. The compile to ebook formats works perfectly, and the compiling in various other formats is working very well. Also, for those (including myself) who also create paperback and hardcovers, additional formatting will always be required, so if I have to go and tweak what the compiler spits out for print, it’s not really adding additional work for me. Also, there are workarounds for almost all of these remaining tiny bugs.
  5. No software is bug-free.

I know you will not confirm a release date any more, so I’m not asking for one. I also know there will be others who still want even more perfection (and there always will be). I also know that this is your business and you have your own internal goals to meet before commercial release, in addition to timing that makes sense for you for additional reasons that have nothing to do with coding. Just offering some (positive) feedback :slight_smile:

PS - Yes, I saw the blog post; thank you for the update!

I agree.

Agreed. Apart from a couple of little nit-picky things (which I’ve gotten the impression are unique to me and my machine), I haven’t encountered any big issues, and at this point the only reason I still use the original Scrivener is because Scrivener 3 is still technically a beta. I now do most of my work in 3 and just keep the original open along with it so I can copy and paste my work from one to the other. If the official release of 3 came out, I would probably switch to doing 100% of my work in it and keep the original installed only as a backup.

I’ll also add my agreement.
I don’t know when the last time I fired 1.9.x. I use Scrivener almost every day as my primary writing tool. It’s open more than my web browser (and I write historical novels, so I’m constantly doing research!).

The product is solid – more so than a lot of SW I’ve beta’d through RC stage, I’d plunk down my cash tonight to purchase a new license if it were available – even though I suspect I’ll have difficulty with activating the SW because I run under WINE on Linux.

@andrewbond: Scrivener can be activated under Wine on Linux. Check this thread for more details:

Thanks for sharing your experience with the latest releases, guys! It gives us confidence to release the official release sooner then later.

Please don’t release the product before you are confident it’s as stable and feature-rich as you planned. Nothing good will come from releasing a product that requires frequent patches, and those of us who are already paying customers have little or nothing to lose from the beta/rc program continuing until bugs are no longer being reported.

Just my 2c, of course.