Make Binder View Follow Document While Relocating

When I write I tend to create tons of very short documents (as propositions, say, or short paragraphs) in the binder. These are all at the same level, initially. Then I go back and move the docs into folders by topic, theme, etc. But if I move a doc too far up or down, I lose it. That is, the “outline” view does not refresh as the document passes out of view, top or bottom. Can the binder view be made to follow the movement of the doc? I like to use CTRL-ARROW keys for this, as it seems to offer more precision of movement. Thx for consideration, kraml.

This is a very reasonable expectation, in fact I would even consider the current behaviour a bug. It is standard to adjust scroll views to keep objects in view when actions are taken to move that object incrementally.

Thanks! I notice that sometimes it does auto-scroll[?] a bit, but it does not seem consistent or comprehensive. kraml