Make chapters w/o preceeding page break show up in TOC

Hi. I’m trying to do something and not having much luck. My chapters are in separate files, but I don’t have page breaks between them so each chapter just appears inline after the previous one. Only the first chapter appears in the TOC though. I realize the TOC chapters correlate to the page breaks between documents. However, that’s not how I want it to be. How do I get the chapters in the TOC?

Is there a particular reason why you want the entire book in one section? That’s usually something you want to avoid in e-book publishing (I can only presume that is what you are trying to compile) as huge HTML files can bog down some readers and make them very slow during page flips. It can also mess up readers that have built-in chapter navigation functions, as those rely upon sections of the book being cut into discrete HTML files.

At any rate, it is technically possible to do what you are looking for, but it requires using another model of ePub production that Scrivener is not based around: long documents with HTML anchors embedded at the navigation points, just like linking to a different spot on a web page without reloading the page. With Scrivener you would export an ePub file using this model (as you currently are, not using section breaks between sections so that internally your book is in one file), and then load the ePub in a dedicated editor so you can set up the internal anchors at the chapter breaks and wire up the ToC correctly point to them. I recommend a tool like Sigil or Calibre for this.

There are things you could do to make this easier: for instance using the title prefix feature (Formatting pane, under the “Section Layout” button for the type of document that represents a chapter) to insert something you wouldn’t otherwise type in, like “@@@”. Now you can search for that pattern in Sigil to get to the next place where an anchor needs to be inserted rather than having to scroll through pages and pages of material.

Thanks for the reply. There’s no particular reason I want to do this other than I read a book that did this and I liked it. I’m reconsidering, though. As you say, it might not be the best way to go.