Make it as easy to change a project name as it is to change a section

That’s it. Project names should be easy to change, in my humble left handed opinion

It might help to understand what the challenge is, since the way I see it, renaming a project is no more difficult than renaming any file on the system. You either rename the folder on Windows, or the package on Mac—either way it’s a simple Return or F2 keystroke away, or mouse clicking. What could be made simpler, and more respectful of conventions, about that, is what I’m asking?

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I think it’s a convention specifically not to rename (or delete, or move) the files of an app from within the app. They let you Save As to make a copy with a new name, but that’s not the same thing. Renaming an open file isn’t a safe procedure.

Save As is available in Scrivener, but I’d advise removing the old copy soon afterward.

Ok. Well, thanks. I just thought it should be possible to rename it from within the app, but I guess I’m in the minority.

What specifically are you trying to change? You can’t change the name of the folder containing the project from within Scrivener, but you can certainly change the project’s metadata, including the title of your output document.

I wanted to change the name of the project from within Scrivener. Not a big deal, just if I think of a better name for my story I was hoping there would be an easy way to change it. I’ll just do it from my computer’s files instead.