Make-Link does not present for certain URLs

Prob’ly this is owing to an underlying Apple URL service glitch, but thought I would mention: contextual menu items Open URL and Make Link do not present for certain URLs.

Paste these three url-lines into a Scrivener document, then control click on each. The above menu items will present for the first one, but not the second and third.

Further investigation suggests it is just the ‘?’ that throws it. Unless Scrivener just does not like poetry. Nah, what am I saying? Those poems are awesome.


P.S. Bonus:

Hi Greg,

Scrivener has nothing against poetry, I assure you! You’re right that it’s the question mark that throws it. Link detection in text has been improved for a future version, though.

All the best,

Ah good. Thanks.


P.S. FYI, it is also thrown by apostrophes in URLs in the sense that when it auto selects the extent of the URL it stops short of them. Example:'Twas_like_a_Maelstrom,_with_a_notch,

The future version will use the Apple code that auto-detects links when typing, so it should be more consistent and robust in general.