Make Project Notes central for preliminary work

I’m using Scrivener since 2 years now. Before on PC and since the beginning of this year 2013 on MAC.
I don’t know what other users would think about that (or if someone already spoke about it) but I think the Project Notes should centralize all preliminary work (characters, Places, Research…) - it is like that I use it. That means it would be great to have an interface a bit advanced to insert images and to create folder and hierarchy as it works for the Binder. I just think it’s really handy to open this windows (Project Notes) anywhere in the project and to have access to characters, notes, places, etc.
Well, as I sayI don’t know what other users think about this idea…

Project Notes are not intended for extensive research and background development. They are not included in project-wide searches, cannot be exported form the project as files, can never be compiled, do not participate in collections and cannot have any meta-data assigned to them or links made to them. They are meant to be a project-specific scratch pad. Turning the project notes interface into a miniature binder would cause the whole thing to become somewhat redundant. Right now it has a clear and simple purpose: basic, easy to access notes. “Remember the sweater colour was changed to blue…” type stuff that you need to see everywhere you are working, but don’t necessarily need to embed within the “ecosystem” of background info and manuscript text.

If you’re just looking for an easier way to recall specific documents out of the binder, consider Edit/Find/Find Synopsis... (Ctrl-Cmd-G). Simply start typing in text from either the name of the item you are looking for, or from its synopsis. As you type the list of results will narrow down. Use the arrow keys to select a result, hit Tab and then Space to open it in a QuickReference window. I use this trick to pull of QR panels many dozens of times per day when I’m busy on a project. The whole binder is within a few keystrokes reach.