Make Scrivener interpret research files as text

I dragged some YAML and course files into research for a thing I’m writing. Scrivener has decided it doesn’t understand them.

How can I tell it that these files are just text and to show them as such?


If it’s all just text, can’t you open those files in e.g. TextEdit, select all, copy, make a new empty Research document and paste it?

I can, and I did. However, Scrivener conveniently offers the ability to drag things into the folder, and then is like “Huh?” when they’re in there. If there’s a way to drag in a batch and then tag them, it would save a lot of copy/paste.

I’m not entirely sure what you mean, but if you mean that you dragged YAML files into Scrivener and they are not editable but just shown in a Quick Look preview in the editor when you want them imported as text, then you just need to go to Scrivener’s “Import” Preferences (under “Sharing”) and add “yaml” to the list of plain text import formats, then re-import.

Thanks, boss, that’ll do it. What I had hoped for was a way to click the binder item post-hoc and say “hey wait this is just text”. The other ways, preplanning or copy-paste will work.