Make text take up whole width of screen on iPad?

Hi, Can anyone tell me how to change the settings in the iOS app such that my text will not always have significantly large margins on either side of the text? When working on my iPad, it is frustrating to only be able to use a third or so of the screen to actually take notes/compose, but I cannot figure out how to change this. See below for a screenshot of the app while in landscape orientation. I would like the text to match the WHOLE width of the screen rather than be contained in these really wide margins.

Also, how can I adjust the width of the binder when it is open to not be so wide?

  1. Open a project – any project. The Tutorial will do.
  2. With the sidebar open, tap on the gear icon in the lower left corner of the sidebar.
  3. To control the width of the sidebar, choose either compact or expanded at the very top of Project Settings pop-up. This setting is per project so you’ll have to set it to your preference for each of your projects.
  4. To control the width of text in the editor, tap “Show App Settings” at the very bottom of the pop-up. (You can also access these settings from the iOS Settings app.)
  5. Tap on “Editor”, then tap on “Text Width” and choose “Full”.
  6. There are many other Scrivener settings you can control from the Settings app. Enjoy!

Hope this helps!

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Thank you!! That’s exactly what I was looking for!