Making a Field guide in Scrivener

I am planning to make a Field guide using Scrivener.
Is it possible to combine text and photos?
Best regards Jorn Ari

Yes, but you won’t have a lot of control of the flow of text around that photo. It’s just going to land between paragraphs (or even in the middle of one). You’ll have to use an external word processor to set the layout of everything once you’re done composing and editing your words in Scrivener. I suggest that you import the photos into your Research folder in your project, and then drag copies of those files into the text of the document approximately where you want it to land. You can do all sorts of things to help you organize your photos if they start out as separate entries in your binder.

Mind you, it’s possible to have greater control of placement if you use other methods of composition, like using “Multi Markdown” to compile to LaTeX, for instance, but even then, you may have to tweak the output. And that’s a whole other set of things to learn on top of Scrivener. If you’re not already familiar with those technologies… well, you can be the judge as to how much time and energy you’re willing to pour into learning all that. I for one, as a hobbyist, occasionally delve into that stuff just to see if I can make it all pretty coming straight out of Scrivener–with mixed results.

Look up David Sparks (MacSparky). All his early field guides were created in Scrivener