Making a timeline

Maybe I’m just missing something basic…

I’d like to make a timeline of my 3 novels that run concurrently, with a long dotted line between the beginning and the end. Along the way, I’d like to be able to note events, and attach that bubble to the line, not to another note. Am I missing this possibility somehow?



I would like to be able to do this as well. It’s one reason I still use, despite it being a bit of overkill for my needs (and a huge memory hog!).


There is no native timeline facility in Scrivener that works the way you describe. It is possible (but currently kludgey) to use metadata and the outline view to create a tabular (not line-oriented) timeline.

For a real timeline with Scrivener sync abilities, you might want to evaluate Aeon Timeline.

You don’t really attach things to any lines in either case (Scapple or Aeon). But it’s fairly easy to make Scapple notes for dates/events (May 17, 1971/Winter '62/The Great Calamity), and string them either horizontally or vertically. Scapple lets you align selected notes, so you can straighten out events to be perfectly horizontal or vertical once you have all the events set up. Then connect notes to those events.

If you use shapes with the ‘magnetic’ property, you could overlap a date and events that happen on that date without connecting them, and moving the date would move the associated events along with it. You can color code those shapes as well, making it easier to see “on camera” events vs. those things happening in the background of the story.

Thank you for this suggestion - I haven’t fully evaluated this product yet, and I do see one limitation, the current version can’t embed into a website (images and PDF only) - all the same it looks like an impressive product, Version 3.
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what is it? :innocent: