Making Scrivener look exactly like Word

Okay, so I’ve been writing in Word for months and want to use Scrivener for the organizational function, but I’m a creature of habit. I want my Scrivener to look exactly like my current word set up, which is Calibre (body), size 11 font. Which was easy enough to do.

But I’m having trouble getting the margins to work like Word. They either turn too wide so the text in only on like half the width of the page, or too narrow.
I also want the ‘space’ at the top where the word headers go.

Having “pages” like Word would be nice for sense of progression (satisfaction of having completed 1 page), but it’s understandable if it’s not possible. For some reason the blank spaces help me focus more.

If anyone has a template of this that works I would be eternally grateful. Thanks!